Why are we sending our kids to school?

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One of my biggest question nowadays is this. Why are we sending our kids to school?

One of my biggest question nowadays is this. Why are we sending our kids to school? 

To learn? (We can do that at home via Internet as long as we as a parent willing to facilitate the learning)

To socialize? ( We can send them to camp and enjoy)

Or we just don't want our kids at home so we can do our work while they are away.

I am not trying to influence you. On this blog I just want you to draw the bigger picture of your children coming in and out of the school. Making sure getting all the benefit they can get.

Because before we have all the reason to send our kids to school, because school is a training ground for future living. 

School teach us home economics, gardening, practical arts which is useful to our everyday need and everyday survival.

But kids nowadays are different, I just watch recently a video on FB teaching kids how to open a can goods, imagine opening can good inside College dorm.

They had  two students competing who can open a can of corned beef first.  

When one of them was able to open it everyone was clapping, but it took how many minutes before they were able to open one piece of can goods.

I homeschool my children not to prepare them for tests, but to prepare them for life." -- Tamara L. Chilver

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