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Have you ever asked yourself lately if your children are still getting the quality of learning that you're expecting and paying for in a private or public school they are in?

The question you keep on asking.

Have you ever asked yourself lately if your children are still getting the quality of learning that you're expecting and paying for in a private or public school they are in?

  • Are the following questions running through your head most of the time about your children's education?
  • ​Is the school helping your children to become productive and respectful members of the society?
  • Is the current system preparing your children to have the skills that they can use in the future?
  • Are you planning to homeschool your children but you don't know where and how to start? Or are you just curious about homeschooling because some of your friends are doing it?
  • Do you feel tired sending your children to school back and forth, and trying to beat the hustle and bustle of everyday travel, that sometimes it affects your relationship with them?

Accept it or not, our relationship with our children is one of the most fulfilling parts of our lives. If you're a parent you will definitely understand this.

Lalo na pag may teenager kana. (Specially if your already have teenagers).

A study shows that wealth does not make us happier, a relationship does, but don't get me wrong, it should be in a RIGHT relationship.

Ten years ago I am clueless, being in a new environment, with small kids around, asking myself what will happen now. No one to ask for help, we rely solely on what we have, what we can do with what we know. That's where it all started.

My husband and I worked at a University for more than 10 years, I hope by now you already know our previous profession. Me as a professional Librarian and him as a college instructor.

But the moment we realized how powerful technology was, we embraced homeschooling right away and from that day on, no turning back.

​Why I have learned to love and embrace Homeschooling?

​Let me first share my story, not to convince you, but to show you why homeschool changed my mind.

Ten years ago my husband got a job in another country, with different culture and a different belief, very different to what I know and where I came from. Their culture, their beliefs, their background and most especially their school system.

Which I am so grateful, because I was able to see the different aspect of life. Because I was able to create friends with people of different background and understand them in a different angle.

I became more appreciative, more aware and resilient of my surroundings and gain a lot of wisdom. My mind was open to many possibilities. Also, I became more adaptable to changes.

Actually, I grew up in an environment where school was our number one priority, my mom used to tell us, “Walang babagsak or else hihinto sa pag aaral”. Then followed by mentioning some relatives including her who did not do well and didn't finish college. Those words became my guiding principles and motivation not to fail and do good in school.

I was able to finish College and my Master's degree out of determination I guess. Even I wasn't that intelligent, and most of the time lacking in terms of financial aspect.

Until I passed my professional board exam and able to work in a University as a professional Librarian for another ten years. Imagine, more than a quarter of my life I spent it in school.

Then I decided to have my own family. Kids came and the rest was history.

This is where I realized that everything I was trained and taught of was entirely different from the lives that I want for my kids. As I have told you, do not misinterpret me. There is nothing wrong with our past.

The only thing is, we cannot always live and rely on our past especially if some of our beliefs are becoming obsolete. For example, “Patience is a Virtue”, nowadays we cannot just tell our kids to always be patient.

Because we know deep down that life is short, and that death will come to all of us eventually. And yet we are infinitely surprised when it comes to someone we know, and all of a sudden reality strikes us.

Then we will ask ourselves, I should have done what I have to do but it's too late already. The belief that intellect alone can bring you success. Today, in the present scenario we need skills and wisdom more.

Let me explain further, I know that you have heard this a thousand times.

And maybe you are just still in denial…

There are three Social revolutions so far and hoping nothing more is coming. These are…

AGRICULTURAL–where farming was the basic work of people, during those days breeding of animals and planting of trees and plants where the major work to survive because only food is the number one necessity throughout the course.

Then came INDUSTRIAL, where steel, factories, and schools started to grow and develop. Food is still necessary, but you cannot have it easily this time unless you have an unlimited supply of land.

And most land owners during industrial era are selling their piece of land in exchange for a bigger house. This is where my era I supposed:-).

During these days people are leaving their farm to look for a better opportunity in the city. Because buildings and big houses are beginning to build.

Those who stay on their farm what do you think happens? Unless they did something to multiply their farm and leverage it.

Then came the era of INFORMATION AGE, TECHNOLOGY, INTERNET maybe by now you get my point.


And if we continue to stay where we are, don't expect something to happen. Because…

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”– Albert Einstein

Imagine what will happen in the future with our children if they are still embracing some of the old habits and belief that our parents instill in us.

I am not saying that old beliefs are bad, but whether we accept it or not some of them are not applicable anymore in our present time and what more in the coming future.

There is nothing wrong with old beliefs, same goes with changes. And I don't have anything against the conventional school as long as we are using it for the right reason. After all…

“There Is No Right Or Wrong. Just The Consequences Of our Actions.”

And for me, homeschooling my children is one great reason that I will never regret in my entire life.

Preparing them to be a future-proof adult. Because…

“The best way to predict our future is to create it.”– Abraham Lincoln

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