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Looking back eight years ago, I still remember the moment when I decided to leave everything behind, my work, my friends, my life…

This was us, eight years ago.

Looking back eight years ago, I still remember the moment when I decided to leave everything behind, my work, my friends, my life…

Back then it was so difficult to decide if we are going to homeschool our children or not, but of course, base on our financial situation at that time homeschool wins, not knowing that everything was really a blessing in disguise.

After long years of homeschooling thinking now, what my life would be if I didn’t follow my heart?

Because back then my heart says “your children needs you” but at the back of my head says come on you cannot just stay home and do nothing.

Sampung taon, ten years of being a professional working mother. 10 years of denying myself what the Lord really want me to be.

I thought I was following my destiny, I thought I was a good Mother back then.

Going to work early in the morning and going back home late at night.

I thought I was working hard for them…

I don’t have anything against working mother, I just choose the life I want to be. As the saying goes we cannot compare our life with others because our destiny depends entirely to us.

There is no such thing as a person with same destiny, that was proven already so don’t compare your life to anyone.

Our first Christmas as a homeschoolers.

You see sometimes we need to grow, and growing starts when we leave our comfort zone.

Sometimes we need to unlearned what we used to know, so we can unleash our full potential.

It’s not easy being a full-time mom.

It’s a profession were few will understand.

It’s a profession without any monetary reward. That’s why when someone told me, it’s not all about the money, I just laugh and walk away.

What do you know about it? That it’s not all about the money.

Maybe you need to try to homeschool your kids, just try, maybe  you’ll know all the sacrifices.

Come on, homeschooling is not an easy task, it’s a full-time job spending it to your kids. But it’s fulfilling because I was able to spend quality time with them.

Homeschooling my children is something that I am very proud of.

Because God showed me what is really important in life.

I’ve learned to enjoy my life with minimum amount of wishful thinking.

I was able to enjoy my life to the fullest together with my children.

I was able to know their strength and weaknesses.

I was able to love them as they are without conditions.

I know still a long way to go.

I know I still need a lot of sacrifices along the way but for now, I will just enjoy every minute of the day, one day at a time with them.

Now, after 8 years taken in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia during their Rubiks competition last October 1, 2016

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