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When I was growing up, college education seemed like the ONLY way to a bright future.

When I was growing up, college education seemed like the ONLY way to a bright future.

Now I realize all it really did was teach me how to sell my time working for others to achieve their dreams. Until me and my husband experience that there are a lot of things outside school and outside the regular office working hour.

Even though I was earning a decent amount, I always wanted to get out of the rat race so that I could have the time freedom for myself and my loved ones.

Sounds familiar?

But I was unsure the best route to create wealth passively and safely...

I wished I learned this in school.

But as you already know, they don't teach that in schools... not even now.

Back then,l sold a property to set up a fund for my investment education.

After paying almost US$82,000 for courses, airfares, hotel lodging etc learning from many wealth coaches in USA, I was still getting nowhere.

Yes, that was painful...

Then someone introduced me to this amazing lady, Mirriam MacWilliams, based in Florida.

It wasn't easy as the coaching was done through countless overseas phone calls and emails.

Through her, I found out how to earn a reliable source of income

  • Without dealing with bosses
  • Without dealing with customers
  • Even without owning inventory!

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