5 Myths that Will Change the Way You Think About Homeschooling

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Have you realize how things moves fast nowadays? Sometimes, we hear that someone became millionaire at an early age of 30 or sometime even 20 out of their passion.

Compare during industrial age, now in the information age, we can learn and ask advice to almost anything, everywhere around the world. It also doesn't matter where we are or what we are doing, in just a click of a button, we can get answer all the time.

And the best part is, even if we are just in the four corners of our home, we can do it by searching the internet properly. Because nowadays a lot of people, including me get more hungry for knowledge, the more freedom of information, the more we get thirsty everyday.

Kaya sabi nga, pag bobo ka pa ngayon kasalanan muna. (If you are still ignorant nowadays, it's your fault).

My family and I are doing homeschooling for quite sometimes. To give you an idea, we started homeschooling when my youngest was 2 years old, now she's fourteen.

Soon we will all go out to the real world and try how we have gain something in this homeschooling thing specially in wisdom. And we are so excited to share our next journey with you all.

But for now in this post I will show you how homeschooling change my life and my mind, that even though I spent a lot of arguments with my husband but still I embrace it and hope you too as well.

Since we practice it, I will just share with you base on my experiences. I am not trying to convince you but hoping it will add value to you and to your children. Because homeschooling or not, the first classroom of every child is at home and the first teacher is you, the parents.

1. Homeschoolers don't Socialize

So many times, a lot of people are asking me this, how you and your children socialize? Or either it's the first question that arises every time I told people that my children are homeschooled.

I’ve heard the arguments a thousand times from my critics (critics daw oh hehehe). And people who doesn't have any experience about it. That homeschooled kids are antisocial and they don’t know how to cope up in the real world. Really!

That homeschoolers are social outcasts. If you are already homeschooling your kids, you know better. If you are in the process of considering homeschooling, rest assured that the naysayers are not right.

Sure, homeschool or not, you have the power to make your children persona non grata, untouchables, or undesirable. But here's the thing, with a little planning and creativity, your kids can be just as socially adept, if not more so, than those who goes to normal schools.

As a parents, we model ourselves to our children. And with a lot of happenings right now, we can take advantage of our time taking our children with us while learning. For example in our family since we are an OFW, and community is one big factor to survive. When we join different community long time ago, we always tag along our children with us.

When we are doing some outreach program, at their young age they've learned how blessed they are by seeing all those orphanage. When we became a financial literacy advocate and got a chance to go to different places and met different kind of people.

When we discuss to these people how to have better retirement and how to have a passive income that they can use upon retirement, they are always there to listen. They met people with different background and situation in life and in society. Realizing how blessed we are in this world.

They've learned to appreciate the things they have. They saw the reality of life and they became aware of what is really happening outside of their small world. The only thing is, be careful of what kind of community you are joining. Because in the future those community can have a big impact on them.

Remember, and always tell your children about this, that if they want to see their future always look at the five people they are always with. Soul searching and praying for wisdom is a must and should be part of your everyday goal to make your homeschooling successful. Because if you have wisdom you have everything.


1 KING 3:9

The nature of Homeschooling socializing the world is to explore the world as much as possible and believe it or not learning takes place more when they are outside classroom with different age group.

While normal school, children tend to be grouped with same age, we homeschooler meet up and associated ourselves with the same homeschool family or sometimes different people in the society.

If you are creative enough you can visit museum, library, parks, science center and other places that can use for learning, with the comfort of your time.

The end result is a wider array of social experiences with people of different ages, different culture, different family background so my children tend to adjust to any situation possible.

2. Homeschoolers do not Learn as much as Children who attend normal school

One thing I've learned while doing homeschooling is that real learning takes place inside our home and outside school. Child's first teacher is their parents, that is reality.

Their values, their character are all begin inside their home. Personalized teaching of the parents improve learning more because the children doesn't have to cope up with their classmates learning style.

There is a saying and allow me to quote. It's from Albert Einstein one of the greatest mind of our generations.

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

(So take note if you notice my grammar, I just want to remind you I am not a grammar or English teacher and I am not expert on it.)

But if you ask me how to have a better relationship with teens, I believe based on my experience I am already a little bit expert. Though I am still a work in progress.

That is one of the greatest advantage of Homeschooling. Whereas a student is in a more flexible learning environment. How to ensure that a child get the best learning possible?

Start them at home, there is a study that a child inside their mommy's tummy is already know how to interact and communicate. That is why a lot of technology nowadays were being invented for pregnant woman . Take that opportunity as early as possible.

Join groups and co-ops and do your best to exchange ideas. There are so many benefits in joining different group as early as possible. Remember two heads are better than one. Imagine joining a group or community with like minded people. The result is extraordinary.

Because you can share ideas and resources, expertise and time. And the good thing is, you can avoid the bad influences over which you have no control in a normal school setting.

3. Parents are not qualified to teach

The fact is parents are more than qualified to teach their children. After all we are the first teacher of our children. In reality unconsciously they are learning from us.

Parents are natural born teacher. Academic research shows that, the more involvement the parents are in their children's education the more it improves the child academic performance.

And no one can disagree with this because it was proven. The only question is, are we willing to spare a little bit of our time to our children? In this time and age there should be no thinking twice, we must and we should specially if we can afford it.

I know others will say I am working full time, how can I do such thing. A piece of advice, sometimes it's not a matter of how I can, but it's a matter of how willing we are. When I started homeschooling my children , I am a full-time Librarian in one of a prestigious University in our province.

I am a single mother at that time because of the reason that my husband need to go overseas to augment our expenses while paying file of debts. I remember, my old mother is all I have helping me in babysitting my youngest child, my two older boys are already attending normal school at that time.

After work with a little rest after dinner me and my children will sit and talk discussing all their homework's with me. With little confidence, I never knew that learning takes place at that time. Now every time we chat they always remember those days.

After a couple of years my husband decided that I should stop working and focus on my children. I did soul searching and a lot of thinking. And at the end of the day my role as a mother prevailed.

During those time I ask myself, am I going to jump into the cliff? what if I fail? then small voice answered me, what if you fly. Looking back, no regrets at all. I cannot trade my relationship with my children now to any company that will offer me a job.

Now I can say that the foundation I built is worth every given time I spent with them. Maybe as a parent you can ask yourself. What foundation I want to built upon my children? only you can answer.

4. Homeschooling parents are stay at home moms who don't work

Biggest myth ever.

With the evolution of internet, and home based job. A lot of working mom are homeschooling their children nowadays. As I have said, I started homeschooling my children during the time that I still have my full time job as a librarian.

And even I stop working on a regular basis, I never stop earning my own money with the help of course of my loving husband.

Either I work in a home school center so I that I can be with my children. I worked as a seller, selling condo from the Philippines and educating our kababayan how to be financially literate.

(Para hindi umuwing luhaan)

I even start our own home school center with few students enrolled. Though the MOE requirements here in Malaysia was a bit hard so eventually we stop and most of our students went back home.

All of my venture, though not enough to support a family of five, but well enough not to ask my husband for my personal financial needs.

Homeschooling is a joint effort, there should be a collaboration between you and your better half. Just in case your better half doesn't want the idea of homeschooling. Never loose hope, just never stop asking for wisdom. For there is a saying that if you have wisdom, you have everything, and I myself found it so true.

5. Homeschooling is only done by rich people and people in the United States

Well maybe this was half truth long time ago. This is what I thought as well before. That only rich people can do homeschooling and people living in the United states.

Again, with the evolution of the internet, anyone can do homeschooling anywhere around the world nowadays. If you notice a lot of online teacher today have their part time job, teaching English online, doing webinar and podcast.

Why? because people around the world embrace the fact that online teaching is one of the most effective and practical way to learn.

Why educational websites are booming? Because people are hungry for knowledge. With the fast phase of technology, you will definitely left behind if you will not embrace online knowledge.

And people are starting to realize that going back and forth to school is not practical anymore. Trying to avoid traffic is waste of time. Considering online learning in maximum capacity with small effort.

What I mean when I said maximum capacity of learning but small effort?

Meaning at the convenience of your home you can learn the same subject with the same explanation with less effort commuting to the place where same subject was held. No need to dress up, spend money on transportation, no need to travel and waste time on traffic. You can do it inside your home with maximize time and less effort.

Have you tried youtube? Me sometimes when I don't know how to explain it to my kids I always redirect them to you tube. It's just the same as if they are listening to someone trying to explain Algebra or Calculus or Trigonometry. (My most hated subject during my time haha)

And if someone ask me that home schooling is not an accepted form of education(this is another myth)specially in the Philippines. If you have read my free ebook, you know it by now what are the different homeschool provider who are offering homeschool program in the Philippines.

And for a beginners, FYI homeschooling has been around unknowingly over one hundred years, it so happen that only now, because of the internet, it began to gain popularity more each day.

So there you have it. These are just few of the myths about homeschooling. And for sure different homeschool parents experience differently from one another. As for me, those are just few of the many to mention myths. Hope this blog will help you decide in the future.

Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow.

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

If you think someone will benefit from this website. Kindly share it over to your family and friends.

Thank you and God bless.


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